jordnmoody Drops Dark Bass Anthem “Rolldro”

Posted by on July 2, 2023

SoCal producer jordnmoody is making his debut on FUXWITHIT with the massive new single ‘Rolldro.’ Hot off performances at Lightning In A Bottle and The Untz Festival, and with releases on Wakaan, Jadu Dala, Bassrush, and more, jordnmoody has been steadily ascending the ranks of bass music’s finest. 

‘Rolldro’ is a hypnotic and intoxicating anthem that’ll have you coming back for more. The simple yet effective pitched-down vocal sample gives the track a gritty hip-hop swagger and instant familiarity. The melody and playful percussion create a sense of intrigue as haunting vocal bends add to the dark beauty. The drops see chest-pounding low end intertwined with brain-bending sound design for a heavy-hitting bass sound. Blurring the boundaries of speaker rattling banger and laidback head-nodder, ‘Rolldro’ is at home in any setting.  

“There was a period last year where I locked myself in the studio to whip up as many new tunes as possible before playing LIB, this was one of those tunes. I just came off writing a couple atonal type tracks and wanted to try something on a more melodic tip but still have a bit of grit to it. So, this was the end result of all that I guess haha.”

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