Kenn Colt Chats About The Future, Making Music, Playing Tomorrowland, & More [Interview]

Posted by on May 26, 2021

Kenn Colt is a Belgian-born producer who knows how to wrap the world around his finger. From starting his own label, to touring the world, to more recently releasing, “Rest Of My Life,” on his own label, there’s an incredible spectrum of elements he’s made work to his advantage. The solo artist, who’s also a instrumentalist, utilizes his many talents in ways that is brilliantly optimal and fan-first. The results are telling, he’s landed nearly 25,000,000 plays to his name, played some of the world’s biggest stages including Tomorrowland Belgium, TomorrowWorld USA, Ultra Music Festival South Korea, Sunburn Festival in India, and many more.

“Rest Of My Life,” is the next notch on the belt for him, showcasing a dance-pop sound with a euphoric vocal lead. If you know Kenn Colt, you’ll recognize the familiarity this one has built in.

This single is climbing to the 400,000 plays mark and fast, meaning what this man has continues to resonate, maintaining his relevance if not advancing it. We recently chatted with Kenn Colt to get his take on the DIY lifestyle, how he makes music, future endeavors, and more.


The artist taking back control of their own stuff (master and publishing) is a growing and positive trend for sure, what made you make the choice?

Answer: After my releases on Warner Music and Spinnin Records I sat with my team to rethink the way we put out my music and the ability to create a new platform around it. So other upcoming (or established) artists could be able to sign their music and give them the ability for exposure. From that point on FEELS LIKE HOME (records & publishing) rised. Started in 2018 and has a solid base in the Benelux with radioplay on the biggest radio stations and signed a handful of artists and have this crazy idea to launch popup events in the nearest future.

‘Rest Of My Life,’ has a great energy to it, how did the initial idea turn into a full blown reality ready to release on your label?

Answer: Since I left Belgium and moved to Valencia (Spain) I’ve been exposed to the mediteranian vibe here. It’s a relaxing atmosphere where people meet outside but they do love to party hard over here. After writing the melodies I’ve got in contact with the Canadian singer Kayleigh and this was an immediate hit, the topline she wrote with her team was perfect for “Rest Of My Life”. I was in love with that and found that this was the way to go for the future.

You seriously have some stacked highlights around your career, how did it feel to play Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld?

Answer: As an artist it’s the best feeling in the world, to see all those smiling faces when you play and to meet new cultures while travelling the world. I’m so blessed that I had the chance to travel the world already with my music. I think a lot of people can agree that during this pandemic everyone looks so much forward to go out and be human again. As it looks with the current cases in Belgium, Tomorrowland 2021 will happen this year so I’m thrilled to play there again on the 28th of August and can’t wait to see other festivals & clubs reopen in the nearest future and meet my fans again!

Do you have a manager or do you do most everything DIY, what is the best way to balance maintaining control where it matters while outsourcing certain things to team members, whether temporary team members or permanent?

I don’t have a manager so it’s DIY. I’m a person who likes to plan upfront so I do have everything planned basically but it’s close to 14 hours for a working day. I’m working as a freelance system engineer during the daytime as well. I outsource things like my administration, videos, website (even though I’m an IT engineer) so I can have full focus on making music and not doing other things that take a lot of time. My team around me are contractors but I love to work with the same people on a long term. Once they know what you need, things get done more easily and faster.

Do you have a ‘system’ you rely on when it comes to starting, then thus finishing, the singles you work on?

That’s an interesting question, In most ways I receive a topline from writers where I build an instrumental around it. But for ‘Rest of My Life’ it was the other way around. In other ways it works as well, for example I’m currently doing a project for a “Don’t drink and Drive’ campaign for the Belgian government where they asked for a song in a typical Kenn Colt style, which from that point onwards I start building everything up to writing the lyrics for this project.

What are you most excited about for the future?

I have my debut album coming out this year with nearly 20 tracks on it including my golden record “Come Back To Me”, I’m very very excited about what you guys will think of all the new music that will come out in 2021 🙂

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