Tasmanian indie folk pop act Runaway Belles release striking new single “Flames”

Posted by on October 12, 2020

Tasmanian indie folk pop act Runaway Belles – featuring Tash Parker and Emma Anglesey – have today released their striking new single Flames, a song about fierce friendships and bringing out the best in each other.  Tash and Emma are housemates as well as best friends, and to celebrate this release they will be live streaming from their home they fondly call “Runaway Belles HQ”. They’re also playing their first festival shows since the COVID-19 lockdown. Tash and Emma’s vibrant, assured talent is on full display in Flames, a song that’s perfect for any road trip. The song features driving drums and the signature Runaway Belles dreamy vocal harmonies transport you to a world of perfect indie pop.

“This song is about friends who don’t let each other ever give up”, explains Tash. “We are living in a strange and tough time, and the friendships that endure over this period will be forged in the flames.”