Egzod “Don’t Surrender” Anticipated Arrival Mounted On Success of Past Revealed NCS-Signed ‘Revolution’ Singles

Posted by on September 22, 2020

Between the AAA gaming-like tier rendered videos taking over the creative direction, a clear positive shift in sound that’s easily more connected in many congruent ways, and a new look of sorts that shows he’s clearly putting in work that is on a new level, Egzod continues to define long term indie EDM success song right.

Energetically, the EP comes packed full with peaks and valleys beyond just the experience of the three songs individually. The order of the tracks on the EP themselves giving a clear indication that there’s something deeper to peel back with this experience.


The Revolution ft. Neoni 
Mutiny ft. Wasiu
Don’t Surrender ft. EMM

The climax is unequivocally “Don’t Surrender ft. EMM,” the third and final vtrack in The Revolution EP going public Sept. 24th.

Until then, enjoy the second single that dropped earlier this month, available for listening above