Ricky Vaughn Is All Bass With His Latest EP “Primo”

Posted by on September 9, 2015

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Ricky Vaughn releases his EP “Primo” via Babygrande Records, a 7 track EP of an array of bass/moombahton heavy dark tracks to get you raving. Featuring the likes of Jitta On The Track, Daron Vande, and others, if you haven’t had your coffee yet, the energy on these records will smack you right in the face, hump day just got a little more rougher. If you’re a fan of Diplo, or Major Lazer, on that tropical bass wave, “Primo” is for you, this goes hard, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere! This is a must listen, and click on the jump to get an exclusive track by track breakdown from Mr Vaughn himself!

iTunes: Ricky Vaughn “Primo”

Track 1: Unstoppable

This track actually started out as a variation to another track i released last year on my Late Last Night EP called “Ricky Vaughn x Banks – Drowning (LLN Mix) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN74Et1Mjc8“. The track got a lot of attention and went over great in all my sets so i decided to take that same feel and vibe and create something new. Keeping that in mind i wanted to show off my versatility as a producer and added in elements from drum n bass, trap and Baltimore club.
Track 2: Wine On Me Ft Daron Vande
Ok the story with this track involves African warlords and murder…….seriously. I found a vocal online last summer and built the song around it which sounded about 80% different than this version. So when i showed my label they told me i had to get a sign off from the original vocalist. I spent about a month trying to track him down and finally got a response agreeing to sign off on it but then he disappeared again. So i start tracking his Twitter and Facebook posts and it seemed he had a beef with another singer in his village or whatever. The beef escalated to the point of shootings, brutal beatings and mutilation of a unknown person involved. At that point i was like FUCK THIS, i showed the label the newspaper articles and immediately took his vocal off and searched for a new one. Daron Vande is a mutual friend of a rap group “KO-Lition” i had produced for in the past so i reached out and sent him the song. Hours later he sent back what we hear today..and that’s all i got to say about that….
Track 3: Overdose Ft Jitta On The Track
Overdose was made at the same time as “Way Up” which is also on the EP. It’s heavy bass, high intensity ANGRY Trap music and i love it. Going back and forth with Babygrande Records about the project i ended up showing them this song at a meeting and they loved it but felt i needed to have a notable feature. I had reached out to Jitta in the past but never got a response. So little did i know he’d done a track that was featured on a compilation that a staff member from Babygrande worked on so i was given access to his vocal to use on the song. I don’t know if he’s heard it or not but i hope to collab with him fully in the future.
Track 4: The Terror Ft Locomotive
Definitely one of my favorite Moombahton tracks i ever made and so happy to be apart of the last Locomotive track made before they split. We wanted to give it a Jungle feel with lots of ethnic sounds so we added some Spanish vocals as well as Indian rhythm with a half tempo breakdown. The Terror kills every club we play it in and I’m excited to finally get it out to the world.
Track 5: Jump ft Savana Painter
Jump was one of the first songs i created when i signed my deal. I wanted to take Dancehall and give it some Moombahton elements without it being too heavy or “generic” with the typical sounds everyone uses. Also i was tired of just making bangers and i wanted to make more songs. So i gave the idea to Savana who i’d been a fan of for a while and what she sent back really blew me away because you can tell it came from a real place. She didn’t give me something someone else already did topic or party wise, she gave me her view of a party song and i loved it. I left the song alone for a year almost and recently came back to it redoing the drums and structure a little bit because i felt it could be bigger with the message she’s bringing and i was happy with the result.
Track 6: Way Up
Ok so like i mentioned before i made this in the same session as Overdose. I was listening to “If You’re Reading This, Its Too Late” when it first dropped over and over. All i could think to myself is how could i capture this feel with what i do. So i created the first chord melodies you hear when the track drops and began writing a hook (if you dont know that’s my voice on the hook). There were at least 6 different choruses before i came up with Way Up, all terrible lol. Finally i made it simple, i like to smoke weed and the vibe was very similar so the words just came to me and i recorded it. After that i knew i wanted to have it flip and go high intensity with the drop so added lots bass and growls etc and then a little Kuduro/Moombahton break and that was it! FYI i wanted this to be the first single.
Track 7: It’s Real Ft Daron Vande
Originally this started as demo for Rihanna but it was passed on, so Daron hit me up asking for something with a pop feel and i sent him this. LITERALLY 20 MINS LATER he sent me back this song recorded in full. I was like WOW THIS IS IT! Honestly to me this is the biggest wedding song for years to come. It may not “HIT” today or tomorrow but when it does, be ready. Again this track on the instrumental side was something i’ve never done and i wanted to try to step out of my comfort zone. 
Bonus: Summer Love Ft Daron Vande
If I had to pinpoint the moment I fell in love with Moombahton I would have to say, as soon as we created this song. It’s not the synths or chopped up Spanish vocals that make Moombahton what it is, it’s the feeling. Summer Love expresses the fact that the feeling was already here right in front of you. The rhythm, the percussion, the soulful vocal, it’s been here the whole time in popular song in music history. You can’t listen to this without feeling the need to dance or simply be captured by a bit of nostalgia when Daron Vande speaks.

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