Dani Deahl and Jason Edward Give “The Next Episode” a Festival Trap Makeover

Posted by on April 28, 2015

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Any time a track from my childhood gets the remix treatment, my very first listen through the remix is typically skeptical, as the expectations are sky high. When Chicago-native, Dani Deahl, and LA-based producer, Jason Edward, released their remix of Dre and Snoop’s 1999 classic from The Chronic on 4/20, you can bet that my expectations for the remix were through the roof, and I’m happy to say that Deahl and Edward delivered. On the remix, Deahl and Edward leave the iconic introduction to “The Next Episode” untouched, before infusing the rest of the track with a hard-hitting festival trap feel. Deahl and Edward slowly build the track before unleashing a flurry of fat, blaring horns and ripe vocal samples layered over a pounding bass line. Deahl and Edward are giving out this remix as a little 4/20 gift, so be sure to download to track here.

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