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Posted by on March 3, 2015


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One of the most venerated and respected producers in the dance music scene is Maurizio Colella, aka EDX. The house music specialist has been producing dance music since 1994, and year after year, the gifted musician has delivered fantastic releases. Colella began as a remix DJ, and after gaining inspiration from dance music legends like Laurent Garnier, he was able to turn his passion for electronic music into a reality.

Through the years, the dance music veteran has stayed relevant, even as he has experimented with his sound in different sub-genres of dance music like tech-house, due to his dedication to his craft. Through 20 years of production, EDX has amassed an impressive discography. In 2012, he released his debut artist album, On the Edge, after spending years working on it. In recent years, EDX has explored new sonic frontiers with his music, as he experimented with a clubbier house style that still laid its roots in his progressive background. Tracks like “Cool You Off” and his Collateral Effects EP showcased EDX’s new sound, and these releases were resounding successes. His latest remix of Sons of Maria and Nora en Pure’s track, “Uruguay,” has dominated the Beatport Deep House chart, as it currently sits at #2.

As a blast to the past, we decided to dig through EDX’s entire discography spanning his 20-year career and put together a list of our Top 5 EDX songs.


1. D.A.N.C.E

“D.A.N.C.E” was the second single to be released as a part of EDX’s debut album, On the Edge, in 2012. The track is an instrumental club tune, as Colella turns up the energy with driving melodies and uplifting harmonies, while borrowing elements from big room house, to create a song that will make you want to D.A.N.C.E.

2. Falling Out of Love

Another single off of On the Edge, “Falling Out of Love” is a vocal masterpiece featuring the talented Australian singer, Sarah McLeod. “Falling Out of Love” is a beautiful, melodic progressive house offering, as the Swiss musician gives the track a lighthearted feel without losing its groove. Together, McLeod’s vocals and EDX’s production give the song a warm, but powerful vibe.

3. The Tempest

“The Tempest” was a departure from EDX’s classical melodic offerings, rather the collaboration with Leventina gave a glimpse into a grittier side of EDX. A heavy-hitting electro track, “The Tempest” still has the iconic EDX flare that his fans have always loved, as he masterfully toys with percussive samples and string arrangements during the break before punching you in the face with a filthy electro guitar riff at the drop.

4. Breathin’

Over the years, EDX has made a name for himself within the progressive house arena, though in 2014, Colella experienced a shift sonically, as he showed a more chilled-out side to his music. “Breathin’” showcased this shift, as a melodic summer anthem with soft drum patterns and delicate vocals.

5. Remember House

EDX’s first release of 2015, “Remember House” is a prototypical club offering with a punchy bass line and intricate synth work while still maintaining elements of his classic progressive style. Layering together deep, groovy basslines with infectiously catchy hi-hats, stabbing synths, and a brilliant vocal loop, EDX makes “Remember House” the perfect club construction, and a fantastic first release of the year that highlights the progression of his sound. The track can be purchased in full form here on Beatport.

To finish up, it is worth mentioning the surreal experience of seeing EDX perform live. His electric stage presence is unparalleled and has been highly celebrated by every fan who has attended on of his shows. To give his fans more opportunties to attend his shows, EDX has announced the continuation of his Progression of Sound U.S. Takeover tour in 2015 with more tour dates across the US from California to Miami with multiple appearances at this year’s Winter Music Conference this month. Check out the full list of dates below and more information/tickets are available here.


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