Oliver Heldens – Heldeep Radio 24

Posted by on November 16, 2014

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Heeeeey. This is BIG LIFE, and you’re reading another post about another episode of Heldeep Radio. This week, Oliver Heldens brings you tracks from Drop Dopers, Bakermat, Shiba San, and more. Did you read that in Oliver Heldens voice that sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher circa 1970? I hope so. How no one has pointed this out yet is beyond me. Regardless, Oliver Heldens is my favorite artist at the moment and I can’t wait to catch a show. I wake up every Saturday morning like an excited child on Christmas to listen to a new episode every week. It’s that good. Oliver Heldens. Heldeep Radio. Love to get too deep.

You’re now in the mix. Niiiiiiiice. *Oliver Heldens Voice*

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