No Limits – Body Full Of Lightning

Posted by on August 16, 2014

No Limits - Body Full Of Lightning

Think about the first time a sweet little something special graced the inside of your mouth. They come in a variety of colors and even flavors, but we all know that there is clearly one better than the rest. That’s right, the latest song by No Limits is comparable in quality to an orange Starburst. While not the best flavor, it still holds its own and makes for a pleasurable experience if you feel like chewing something for a minute and a half. If for some reason this metaphor isn’t doing it for you, I’ll word it in a way that’s not stupid. This is probably not their best song but it is still good and worthy of a listen. Even when they make something that doesn’t top their previous release, it is still of a high enough quality that it deserves to be heard.

Free Download: No Limits – Body Full Of Lightning

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