Gentle Bones – Until We Die (Manfred & Atran Remix)

Posted by on June 1, 2014

Gentle Bones - Until We Die (Manfred & Atran Remix)

Tyra Banks blows me away with her undeniable smarts but for some reason, when I first heard this song, I did not feel the same way. To be fair, my first listen was heard through laptop speakers so I jerked my way over to my room, grabbed my headphones and proceeded to get into the zone. I rubbed the tip for a second, gave it a kiss, plugged the headphone jack in and pressed play. I actually enjoyed the song very much on that listen and each time I listened to afterwards I would like it more and more. The producers behind this remix are Manfred, a gentleman from Singapore with only 34 followers on Soundcloud and Atran, a producer with 170 followers on Soundcloud and yet, an odd 70k likes on Facebook. Pretty freaky stuff to be sure but the song is good so look past it and enjoy. Also, if you don’t enjoy it, keep it to yourself. There’s no room for criticism here at FNT.

Free Download: Gentle Bones – Until We Die (Manfred & Atran Remix)

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