Cazzette Merchandise Giveaway

Posted by on February 10, 2014

We have teamed up with Swedish electro-dub duo Cazzette to give away some dope, unique gear you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere. One piece of the giveaway is one of those sweet necklaces that you see in the “Run For Cover” video, though I cannot speak to whether or not it will get you attacked by a giant flock of pigeons, hopefully not. Also included is a poster and some stickers to add to your collection and tag your computer, wall, loved one or whatever. See pics of what you will win after jump, including the now famous “Beam Me Up Video”. You will win one special edition necklace, a “Run For Cover” poster and a batch of “Run For Cover” stickers. Enter the punchtab widget below to win.

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cazzette necklace





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