Tasty Treat: The Central Coast’s Most Dynamic Duo

Posted by on February 9, 2014


FNT was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with the up-and-coming  Tasty Treat, a SLO-based duo that’s been throwing out bangers together for about the last year. Comprised of 23 & 24-year-old Devin Hardy and John Smith, Tasty Treat’s beginning to gain more and more credibility as an artist, currently getting their reps in on tour with Kicks n Licks of San Diego. With support from big names like Flume, DJ Snake, and Mr. Carmack, this was one opportunity I did not want to miss.

After meeting four years ago and DJ’ing parties under the alias “Casa Street Hooligans,” Devin and John had no idea that they would soon be on track to become one of the most, if not the most, talented electronic musicians in the area. Before Tasty Treat, however, both of them had diverse musical backgrounds, including Devin’s involvement in a high school band called “The Raging Hormones.” I did my best to scour the internet for evidence, and now you can find their hit single “Hindsight” right HERE – it’s pretty special to say the least.

All kidding aside though, Tasty Treat has shown a level of proficiency in a variety genres that most other artists can’t. The two started out with a more electro style, which eventually evolved into a mix of trap and future garage. One of the best examples of this, and possibly their most popular song, is an original track titled “You Got Me.”


To touch on their live performance, it was definitely one of the better sets I’ve seen in a while. Their strong showmanship, mixed with playing in their hometown, produced an intense vibe that was pretty spectacular to watch. Starting out with gLAdiator’s “Ain’t It,” Tasty Treat got the crowed hyped up from the very beginning, and got them even more stoked on some of their own tracks. For example, when John & Devin dropped their “Gas Pedal” remix, everyone was up on their feet, singing along; and when it dropped, the entire venue went absolutely insane.

Overall, Tasty Treat is an artist you need to keep an eye out for, and if you get the chance, to go see live. Already with support from major names so early in their career, John & Devin are right on track to take over the EDM industry, and really show everyone how much they can get you going. Make sure to give them some love on their social media platforms, and be one of the people to get them there.

Tasty Treat: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Also, if you’re interested, here’s my favorite Tasty Treat track: a remix of Ciara’s “Body Party:”

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