Red Vision Records Steals Tracks, Sells Them On Beatport

Posted by on November 20, 2013

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Here at FreshNewTracks, we love chasing down a good story. Red Vision Records in El Paso, Texas is one of the stories you can’t help but share. Earlier today, I was cruising the interwebs and I came across a story from our friends at Your EDM. The title of the sort was “Serial Song Thief ‘Havirest’ Angers KOAN sound, Asa, SKisM, and EDM Community” The article was fascinating, so I decided to do a little digging. Well, a lot of digging. This is where it gets fun.

In addition to ASA, Koan Sound, and SKisM, our friend Collin McLoughlin was targeted too. Particularly, his “Chasing Ghosts” single from his extremely popular “Tears Of Tempo” EP. Collin tweeted about the trickery moments ago. I say he should be flattered, but it’s pretty shitty behavior to say the least. I decided to track down these ole’ chaps at Red Vision Records in El Paso, Texas. Here’s what I found…

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Fernando Reyes and Mark Tenepin are responsible for the tracks being sold without the artists permission. The website is registered under Fernando Reyes’s name, and the address listed on Go Daddy and the website matches up. In addition to stealing tracks and posting EP’s as his own, Fernando Reyes runs a photography company. No, I’m actually serious. I don’t have much information Mark, but I can assure you I’m doing my due diligence. You’d think these bro’s would be smarter.

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This level of nonsense burns me up because artists in the EDM space work extremely hard on their music. They put hours into their production, only for some young punk to come along and steal their hard work. Artists like Asa, Collin McLoughlin, and SKisM deserve better than this. Don’t get me started on how Beatport let this slip by. I guess they don’t listen to what you send them anymore. The incompetence is amazing. I hope Fernando Reyes and Mark Tenepin in El Paso, Tx. learns their lesson once and for all. Stealing someone else’s intellectual property isn’t a crime, it’s morally wrong as well.

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 Tell em’ sent you.

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  • Brett Edgerly

    Cheers, excellent work! Thanks for reading my article 🙂

  • TYBG

    Zomboy steals music all the time but you don’t see producers complaining.

    I’m actually glad that two teenagers managed to cause this much of a big deal and anger twats like Skism who has never had a noticeable track in his entire career and finally felt some sort of accomplishment because a kid stole his music. This whole ordeal is hilarious and so sad at the same time. Publicly exposing who these two kids are? Seriously? It’s not like they’ve committed murder or made thousands off of this. You can report these things privately without having to resort to all of this, teenagers stealing tracks and renaming them as their own is nothing new.

    Just proves the maturity most of these producers have and how they’ll make the most of any ridiculous situation just for a little publicity. Lets not forget, dubstep is in serious decline and copying Skrillex will soon not be viable enough to maintain most of these loser’s life of luxury. Also, Skism’s threat/internet toughguy attempt post on Facebook was pretty embarrassing.

  • corey

    sent an abuse report to the hosting company and they replied that the account was terminated.