Terence Ryan — Whiskey Citizen [Music Video]

Posted by on November 19, 2013

It’s been almost two years since I first heard “Alan’s Right”, and was instantly made aware of the tremendous talent this man possesses. Sure, it’s extremely rare to find an artist (especially at his age) who has learned to expertly produce, mix, rap, sing, and write—but more so, it’s the fact that he has also managed to create a completely distinctive and unrepeatable sound. A sound that certainly was influenced by everything from indie singer-songwriters to underground hip-hop, yet it mimics nothing. With every new release I’m able to see the progress in his production, writing, and his ear—with each release more melodic, more honest, and deeper than the last. He’s been extremely hard at work this year creating what will be “The Revival” album, and today we receive the first release. It’s catchy, yet it resonates, and bares an amount of heart and maturity that we rarely see today. To classify him into any genre would be doing him a disservice, so just check out the song, and appreciate it for the engrossing music that it is.



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