Justin Bieber Filmed By Brazilian Prostitute

Posted by on November 6, 2013

It just keeps getting weirder. Just hours ago, PerezHilton.com released exclusive video of Justin Bieber purportedly asleep after doing the no pants dance. I’d have a lot of respect for the biebs if he manned up and owned it. Instead, he denies he was even there when pictures tell another story. Isn’t all that surprising. Here’s the sordid plot twist though…

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 9.50.51 PM

Apparently, the woman in the video is Tati Neves, one of Brazil’s most famous transexual? prostitutes that just so happens to work at the brothel in question. Bieber was said to have picked her because “she looked like she could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.” I’m usually of the opinion that the biebs is bullet-proof. I’m not sure how he’s going to get out of this pickle.

UPDATE: Another woman from Paraguay has tweeted a pile of money thanking Justin. The plot thickens!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 11.03.06 PM

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  • LaLuneOfficial

    LOL Well I guess this is what he gets for being so cocky!

  • Helen Marques

    How ABSURD!!! This all a lie!!! I’m from Brazil, I was there…. First of all this “Tati neves” is not a transsexual… she IS a Woman….. Second, she just went to the party, but she didn’t slept with him…. She entered in his room when he was already sleeping to take this video and promote herself! she is ridiculous! And the midia is being ridiculous too promoting such a lie….. You can check this out with other girls that went to the party too…. He didn’t kiss or slept with anyone….. he was just there for fun, talking ang going to the pool…
    Also if you go ahead and check with the Copacabana Hotel in Rio, you can see that he wasn’t chucked out of the hotel… He left because the fans were getting crazy trying to enter in the hotel all the time to see him…. and they were A LOT of fans, as you can see also in some videos he posted …..

  • JustinBeibersDad

    get a fukin life

  • Alexandra

    Why was he sleeping at a brothel?

  • Samai Douluhl

    lucky for all of you,My dughter is one of his vans ,shes been wanting to see him in person,but she dont know how,and she is a islander from the south pacific,hope she had a chance to see him in life,