Bombs Away talks Miley Cyrus, Ass & Tits And more!

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Writing for FNT has its perks of hanging out with the dopest artists on the scene at the moment, and rolling with brothers Sketch and Tommy Shades, otherwise known as Bombs Away for a leg of their US tour was a true riot. You might not be entirely familiar with the duo other then the post FNT did a year back, but these guys are superstars in the land down under, have sold millions of records to date, are signed to Ministry Of Sound Australia, and love themselves some big booty bitches! After a 30 hour plane ride from Australia, straight to their performance at the Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, and a 2 hour drive to NYC, I had a chance to sit down with the guys, and ask them a few questions.

Check out their latest release “Assassinate,” an epic trap record, and like the boys on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and read our exclusive interview after the jump!

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FNT: I’m here with Bombs Away, Sketch and Tommy Shades, superstars in Australia, you guys are absolutely killing it, every festival, selling out every show, and if you wanted you’d be booked the whole week…

Sketch: Yeah, in Australia we only doFriday and Saturdays just cause we gotta produce for the rest of the week, and we’d just die… this US tour I think we have a show every day, like 6-7-8 days in a row next week? So that’s ok for short verse but when we’re at home we gotta do studio time and stuff.

FNT: So you guys are obviously gentlemen as I can tell from your videos, so what would be the perfect romantic date for you guys to take a girl out?

Tommy Shades: the perfect romantic date would start with a walk along the beach, accompanied by a pet robot dog, but the robot dog would attack everyone else on the beach, and what’d you have at the end of the beach walk, is just a pile of limbs, and then you go out to dinner or what not, but then you bring her back home to the pile of limbs, and instead of a bed with rose petals, it’s like a beach covered with limbs…

FNT: Did you plan that answer?

Tommy Shades: That kind of leaked out…

FNT: Sketch, you have a girlfriend, is she the source of inspiration for a lot of the songs?

Sketch: No, she’s actually a DJ as well, we met they were playing a show, and they were playing one of our songs, we’d never seen them before, they’re called the Twins, it’s her and her twin sister, they played one of our older songs that we didn’t think anyone had, we went to check it out, and I said “Yeah, I’m going to make that chick my girlfriend,” it took me like a year, but I did, so I was pretty happy about that, good job!


FNT: How does she feel about you guys being sex symbols in Australia?

Sketch: Actually, I won Gold Coast’s sexiest man this year, our city’s sexiest man, it’s because of the mustache, but it’s legit, I’ve got proof, it’s pretty crazy, so yeah… officially sexiest man on the Gold Coast… I think people all voted for me as a joke, as in let’s vote for this guy, but they literally don’t know that I won the whole thing, so it was bad planning on their part…

FNT: So the Twins, you were mentioning, they’re featured on your song “Party Bass”?

Sketch: Yes, they do some of the vocals in the hook of Party Bass, and they’ve actually done a new song coming out which we might remix for them, they haven’t asked us yet, but we’re going to try and pitch for it, it’s called “Can’t Keep Us Apart,” it’s a really really cool song, better then our stuff, lol, it has a Krewella sound…

FNT: That’s a big sound at the moment, can we anticipate any exclusive collaborations, or can we reveal what you guys have in the vault?

Sketch: We got some big stuff we’re working on, I think the Luciana one is going to be our next single, we haven’t got a title for it yet, but it’s probably going to be our next big one. And we have some other people we’re working with, The Potbelleez, they’re massive in Australia, we’ve kind of looked up to them for ages, and just getting the chance to work with them is really great, so we’re in the middle of writing that one. We got some other stuff we have coming up we can’t really mention until we lock it down, or decide on release schedule and stuff, but yeah lots of collabs, heeps of cool stuff coming up, we’re excited..

FNT: So you guys have been doing a bunch of remixes with the Nickie Romero record, the latest Daft Punk remix, what track is out there right now that you guys would love to remix?

Sketch: The Miley one, I’m not a fan of the hammer thing, but her vocals in the track are amazing…

FNT: Speaking of the video, in your videos there’s a lof of sex, ass tits, all that good stuff, what’s your opinion on a video like “Wrecking Ball” is it shocking or in the contrary fitting for the song?

Tommy Shades:I think as a video clip it’s done an amazing job to promote her song, and create that controversy, but the song itself didn’t need it..

Sketch: …the one thing I actually have a bone to pick, the continuity of the video clip doesn’t work, her clothes go on, her clothes go off..

Tommy Shades: …yeah that frustrates me the whole time, from the start to about a 1/3 of the way through, it has continuity of telling a story, and then her clothes disappear, half disappear like they’re coming off, and then they’re on again, like what just happen? …

Sketch: … I mean come on Miley, do whatever you want, like a hammer, like whatever you want, but don’t just magically put your clothes back on, if they’re coming off, leave them off..All this Miley controversy, you can do whatever you want, you can twerk weirdly and lick things, but at least be consistent with it, how much was the budget for that video?

Tommy Shades: …Are you asking me?

Sketch: …A lot more then ours, and we can at least make sure that things go in the order that they’re supposed to go..

Tommy Shades: While he’s saying that, we just did an interview where we changed hats and put sunglasses midway through,

Sketch: let’s go back to that, and if anybody asks, we’ll say it’s because of the Miley video!

FNT: So you guys are on tour right now in the US and Canada, is a worldwide tour in the works for all of our international readers?

Sketch: Yeah we’re in the US at the moment, we’re back in Australia in like 3 weeks, we have a heep of dates there cause there’s some festivals like Fat As Butter and V8, and then we’re off to Asia for a while, after Asia, Europe, and then back in Australia for Christmas, and then in the States again for March for 4-5 weeks , doing WMC, and all that sort of stuff…

FNT: Last but not least, are you guys ass men or tits men?

Sketch: I’m probably tits, I really do like a good super fake, like the fakest, pair of hard titties

Tommy Shades: Just go to a sports shop and pick up a soccer ball…

Sketch: 1 soccer ball doesn’t feel like boobs, maybe 2 soccer balls, I’m a big ridiculous fake tits man

FNT: And you Tommy?

Tommy Shades: Probably an ass man, the butts

FNT: Any butts you like during your time in NYC?

Sketch: There was a good one at Atlantic City yesterday, I was enjoying it…

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