Featured, Interviews | Bombs Away talks Miley Cyrus, Ass & Tits And more!

Posted by on October 7, 2013


Writing for FNT has its perks of hanging out with the dopest artists on the scene at the moment, and rolling with brothers Sketch and Tommy Shades, otherwise known as Bombs Away for a leg of their US tour was a true riot. You might not be entirely familiar with the duo other then the post FNT did a year back, but these guys are superstars in the land down under, have sold millions of records to date, are signed to Ministry Of Sound Australia, and love themselves some big booty bitches! After a 30 hour plane ride from Australia, straight to their performance at the Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, and a 2 hour drive to NYC, I had a chance to sit down with the guys, and ask them a few questions.

Check out their latest release “Assassinate,” an epic trap record, and like the boys on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and read our exclusive interview after the jump!

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