Alesia talks Bird Machine, Filet Mignon, & More!

Posted by on September 10, 2013


The first day of EZoo, the FNT crew got a chance to link up with the French duo Alesia, also known as Nicolas and Lemuel, who just finished spinning their set at the OWSLA vs Boys Noize tent. This was a first for both to be spinning at a festival in the US, and New York out of all places. You might not be familiar yet with the name Alesia, but chances are you’ve heard their trap hit “Bird Machine,” which they co-produced with DJ Snake, either at a festival or on your television screen. The track is currently being used on a Target commercial! With how things are going, you’re going to be hearing a lot more from them in the future, so keep your ears out!

Check out the teaser video they released for their time at EZoo, look out for Alesia at Tomorrow World on the OWSLA stage, and read our interview after the jump!

FNT: Bird machine is a very successful song that’s now in a Target ad, what are you guys thinking after all of that?

Lemuel: It’s a great way to get our genre of music discovered in the US, and it’s hilarious to find a brand so non related to trap music play our kind of music, like what the fuck? Especially to sell yogurts!

FNT: And that’s obviously kind of a trap anthem right now for the summer of 2013, but you guys have always said on your SoundCloud that you’re really not committed to  being stuck in any kind of genre. You see a song like Otho which is a dirty, grindy tech-house song, where do you go from this big trap-anthem? Do you have any expectations?

Nicolas: It’s not a genre we’re going for, it’s more of a sound direction. We have a certain way of treating our sounds, and we’re trying to find a homogeneous sound, even if we dabble in a bunch of different genres.

FNT: You just released your LP Filet Mignon, which is kind of more a compilation as I understand it, a little bit drawing from different artists…

Lemuel: We have friends around us, kind of like back in the days with Ed Banger, there was a community, and we wanted to show the music world that we’re a family with a lot of talent, whether it be our friend DJ Snake, Tchami who just signed to Fool’s Gold, Parisian buddies of ours like Felix, or hip-hop producer Trampy who’s 16 and whom we’re expecting to blow up in a few years. With this project, there was a will to group all of our talents, and let the world know: look out, we’re coming!

FNT: Let’s draw back to Paris, we have people like Gesaffelstein, we have people like Brodinski and we have people like you guys, producing this incredibly sort of dark, techy, avant garde sound, do you think that’s the function of the community that you’re in?

Lemuel: Blame it on the Parisian pollution!

Nicolas: I think simply, lately there’s an EDM scene that mixes different genres of trance, to which we don’t really identify. We’re more influenced by our own culture, our base, and the sounds from the 90’s.


FNT: Last but not least, you guys are signing to OWSLA, which is a huge deal, OWSLA is very well known for picking some of the freshest talent and nurturing it to make them something big, are you excited? What do you think your ventures will be next with that record label?

Lemuel: Humble, serene… we don’t really think about that, we feel that if we allow it to get it to our heads, that’s when you lose yourself…

Nicolas: We’re not at all against business, but we feel that making art should stay outside of the business. We have a few projects we’re working on, and we look forward to releasing them soon!

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