Apollo – Can You Feel It

Posted by on August 8, 2013

apollo can you feel it

I, like my blog brother Joe Salzer, specialize in posting hiphop, but do have the capability to notice a good EDM song when it slaps me across the face. And, boy, did “Can You Feel It” give me a solid backhand to the jaw bone. I’m a sucker for vocal cuts and when I heard virtually the entire song filled with some entrancing female pipes, I was instantly hooked.

The production was synth-filled, poppy, and overall a great time to listen to. “Can You Feel It” will be featured on Apollo’s upcoming five-track EP, and if this is any indicator of what is to come, I am more than excited!

Apologies in advance for butchering any of the EDM terms that I used. I’m trying my best to learn, bear with me.

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