Dog Blood Leaks Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP In Advance of Release

Posted by on August 7, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.03.18 PM

Anyone dismayed by the news about Dog Blood’s upcoming EP getting delayed until August 20th should head immediately to the duo’s Soundcloud page, where Middle Finger Pt. 2 can now be streamed in full (well, almost in full; there’s a Trapmasters remix of the titular track that doesn’t appear to be up yet). Most of this should sound familiar — between festival sets and Skrillex’s recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, it’s likely that you’ve heard “Middle Finger Pt. 2,” “Chella Ride” and “Shred Sled (Kill ‘Em With The Beat)” before. Also of note: a typically great M Machine remix of “Middle Finger Pt. 2” that gets positively savage. Check it out below, and support the great work that Skrillex and Boys Noize are doing by purchasing the EP when it drops officially on the 20th.

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