Fehrplay – Monte / Talk To Me

Posted by on July 31, 2013

As someone I know put it so very well earlier today, Fehrplay is the man. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of this two song EP since Middy posted previews of both songs a couple of weeks ago. Both tracks are awesome and both are born from Fehrplay’s dark side. His better known tracks are of the shiny and uplifting nature, while these two are much more sinister. “Monte” makes me think of Deadmau5’s “Lack Of A Better Name”; with breaks that are pretty and inviting, contrasted by dark main sections that have sneaky synths plucking along with them. “Talk To Me” houses a similar dark energy, with a nice emotional section cradled in the middle. It has more of a soft feel to it whereas “Monte” is a bit edgy. Jump on both of these tracks and look into Fehrplay, just do it, his music is wicked, and his mixes are off the chain.


Beatport: Fehrplay – Monte / Talk To Me

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