R Rated #68 (Ft. Exclusive From Masq)

Posted by on April 24, 2013

R Rated #68Sev and I have a real treat for our fans of R Rated this week. Filthy producer, Masq, has been kind enough to provide FNT with an epic Neuro-hop bootleg for the fans.

Amon Tobin is a legend throughout the music community, having lead to the creation of some of the most epic bass tunes. When I saw that Masq took on “Lost & Found” from Amon Tobin’s most recent album “Isam” I was instantly excited. That excitement was soon satisfied with one of the sickest remixes I have ever heard of Amon Tobin. Masq is one of the most underrated producers I have laid my ears upon, keep an eye out for him in the future.


Free Download: Amon Tobin – Lost & Found (Masq Bootleg)

You already saw a Unicorn, now click ‘Read On’ to hear more epic tunes.

Speaking of Neuro-hop. This preview comes from boss, Joe Ford. It will only take a few seconds for you soil yourself.

Woah, I was not expecting this to be so crazy. My first mistake, seeing as I.Y.F.F.E has been absolutely destroying it lately.

Must Die! assemble a killer. The vocals are great on this, but it isn’t until he wreaks your ears that you know you have to have this track.

Who isn’t tired of hearing someone belt the word “sail”? Well, even if you are, I guarantee you wont be after listening to this remix from Liquid Stranger.

It is always fun to listen to an uplifting intro that gets beasted by a nasty drop. Props to Candyland for this jam.

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