Laidback Luke & Hardwell – Dynamo

Posted by on April 23, 2013

Laidback Luke & Hardwell - DynamoThis collaboration came a bit out of left field. Laidback Luke and Hardwell on one track should produce magic, especially at this stage of their careers. Coming off his massive Ultra set, Hardwell brings it back the classic Hardwell sound that catapulted him to fame in 2011 with tracks like “Cobra”, “Encoded” and “The World”. Laidback Luke has also been pretty quiet lately only with the release of “Pogo” bringing him production success recently, as his Dutch sound is imprinted on this track. It may just be me, but with these two talents, this song seems a bit rushed and something is missing to make it great. It is a very good song, but it seems like it could have been better. Also, the virtual DJ air horn is just a bit much.

Beatport: Laidback Luke & Hardwell – Dynamo

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