Avicii – Promo Mix 2013

Posted by on April 10, 2013

Avicii Ultra 2013
On the heels of his very controversial Ultra MainStage set where he premiered a lot of the new material from his new album and there was a kazoo, Avicii gives us a further glimpse into the future with this hour long promo mix that features several of those aforementioned country-house tracks. He starts in the mix with some upcoming more traditional Avicii tracks, including the massive collab between him and Lana del Ray, before launching into some of his more experimental material that put the world on notice at UMF. To be honest I was one of the people who hated on the stuff at the time because mainly I just did not know how to process what was going on and rejected it outright for the moment. But, after listening to it on some nice speakers in a calm setting, it is growing on me and I think it will grow on most Avicii fans as well because I would like to think that his fans are open minded enough to give it a second chance. Maybe that is naive, but I would like to think that is case.

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