xKore – Entropy (Masq Remix) [FNT Exclusive]

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It already goes without saying that xKore has been taking the scene by storm these past few months, but thats not what this post is about. Masq is a new artist I was introduced to when the Getter – Fallout remix competition arose. I still think he holds one of the best remixes in the competition, but that decision is up to Getter. After scavenging through his Soundcloud I ran into this amazing bootleg remix that wasn’t released and I knew needed to be. Masq carries his own unique sound and creates tracks in all areas of the BPM spectrum, from neruohop, to dnb, to dubstep, with even a little free form piano here and there. This track was one of xKore’s older pieces that was never completed/released as far as I know, but Masq took the melody and threw his flavor all over this track to create this more aggressive sounding bootleg remix. Of course we were able to get it as a free download for you guys which you can find below, along with a little background about Masq in the interview we had with him; also below.

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DOWNLOAD: xKore – Entropy (Masq Remix)

(Interview Below)

“Hilo world I’m John-Paul Behr, artist name Masq. I currently live in Houston Texas, and I love this state more than any place I have lived in my life; which includes years in New York and Rome. I’ve been producing for about 4 years now. I’m also a student at the University of Houston, Hotel & Restaurant Management major.  Not to brag or anything, but 4.0 gpa as well son! Recently had my debut LP release on a great label named Caliber.”

Q: Every artist has a different introduction into producing, what was yours?

“It was a slow process. My first introduction to electronic music was really in flash games online, where I learned most of the names writing tunes for these games frequented Newgrounds.com avidly. I began frequenting Newgrounds (for audio of course :P) and soon found all these amazing artists and got to stalk them on a rather personal level. People like xKore, Space Laces, Zircon, ParagonX9, Nechura, B0UNC3 were all newgrounds audio forum regulars. I think B0UNC3 first told me he used FL studio and from there everything started.”

Q: Where did the name “Masq” come from? Is there a story behind the name?

“I was fixated on a short (specifically 4-letter)name, Masq sounded pretty cool lol.” 

Q: What other genre’s of music do you enjoy listening to besides Dubstep?

“Haha really EVERYTHING, anything fresh at least. Every bpm has archetypes that have some kind of value, acting outside of those expectations within the bpm usually defines creativity.”

Q: Did you have an musical backgrounds before you began producing?

“I was psychotically obsessed with the big guitar soloists and playing guitar from age 12 to 15. People can make fun of names like Satriani and Vai but they really were an excellent introduction to serious music for me. They really put depth, feeling, and complexity into everything they put out. These ideas still linger with me today in my production  “philosophy”. I also played flute for a year in high school band as well, just to prove I could play music properly haha.”

Q: Is there any one artist or music group who’s style inspired you more than others when you first started producing?

“xKore was literally an object of praise for me in my early producing years. Every week he would post the things he was working on newgrounds, and literally EVERY TIME he would blow my brains apart. I probably spent my first two years producing just trying to copy whatever xKore’s last clip was for that week, not joking haha.”

Q: For the aspiring producers who are probably wondering about your productions and what builds them, what DAW or software do you use, what are your favorite synths and plugins, Mac or PC?

“Fl studio is my daw. Only synths I use are massive and harmor nowadays, pretty much 99% of my production is done with native FL plugins. PC obviously.”

Q: Which artist has given you the best feedback?

“The famous dnb name Jade really looks out for me on feedback, Joe Ford gave me a proper grilling last week as well haha.”

Q: If you had to describe your sound to a new listener, how would you describe it to them?

“A person trying to perfect a blend of complexity, enjoyability, and musicality.”

Q: Of all your productions so far, which one is your favorite and why?

“Masq & Buoy – The Journey most likely. Mainly for the second half of the track, where the best of both me and Buoy shine. Great solo, great groove; complemented by some nice bassline and production around them.”

Q: If you could collaborate with one artist in EDM currently who would it be and why?

“Tough one, probably Joe Ford. Yknow because he’s a production mad man and all.”

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