Bedroom Beats #1

Posted by on March 8, 2013

FREE DOWNLOAD: Mosch – Coelho (Simp Remix)

Above is a cool visual that is mixed well into the remix by Simp. Watching it makes me wonder… if we lived in a dimension where time was set to 18,000fps, would we even know the difference? haha, trippy. Anyways, ’til this day I’m still constantly jaded by having a musical taste that revolves solely around simplified beats that are no greater than hip-hop instrumentals. Twisted vocal samples, mingled with subtle sonic arrangements that aren’t so repetitive is all I need. That said, let’s hear some.

A superb new track from Affelaye, previously known as Joe Martin. All I know is that his productions are by far some of the cleanest, well put together beats I’ve heard. Listen below.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Affelaye – Never Felt Real

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Only on fantastically rare occasions do you find a good track, download it, visit their profile, and find that he practically lives down the street from you haha. Great tune by Elaquent.
FREE DOWNLOAD: Shigeto – Huron River Drive (Elaquent Remix)

An exceptional piece of work by Cube Face.
FREE DOWNLOAD: Cube Face – Tell Me

Atu’s beats are all just stellar rich sh#t. Use quality headphones or subs for this beat, don’t play this on your shi#*y laptop speakers… don’t be that guy.
FREE DOWNLOAD: Atu – Still Here

A jittery indie-esq beat by Totalmess, that is cool.

Dabrye’s eccentric felt track ”With A Professional” is so good you wouldn’t want vocals on it. The repeat value on this one is immense. A perfect beat to ride around to underneath the city lights.
FREE DOWNLOAD: Dabrye – With a Professional

Ending things off right with another track from Atu. No better way to exemplify a bedroom beat. NSFW

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