Seven Lions – Days To Come (Affinity Remix)

Posted by on December 3, 2012

The only track in the “Days To Come” remix competition I logged in to vote for. Coyote Kisses did a decent job, but I felt their work was mediocre, along with the rest of the top ten. Affinity just doesn’t have the same pull with fans as the rest which is why I feel this track hasn’t hit the top ten…yet. This has to be one of the best remixes in this competition. Affinity might as well be Seven Lions’ long lost brother, his work on this remix is paralleled to the original, but with enough of his own masterful work to make this remix his own. With only under 20 votes, I am hoping this helps Affinity become a true contender for the top ten. He undoubtedly deserves to be there.



Free Download: Seven Lions – Days To Come (Affinity Remix)

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  • Scott

    Doesn’t have jack shit on CK

  • Kevin

    yeah seriously. Mediocre? Are you fucking kidding??

  • Mach

    Coyote Kisses’ rifts were weak, you can’t use a keyboard and expect guitar sounds to blend well. It’s very original and not bad, but it’s not competition winning material. Coyote Kisses is lucky they have such a strong following or they wouldn’t be in the top ten at all.

  • simonsaysso

    Dude you dont know what youre talking about. Seven lions follows coyote kisses on soundcloud. Its #2 on hypem right now and its gotten over 80,000 soundcloud plays in under a week. Their “riffs” are perfection. I’m guessing Affinity is your side project and youre butthurt about being so outmatched

  • amanda

    CK FTW. Fuck the haters!

  • Mach

    Of course they have gotten that far, they have a massive following. Seven Lions following Coyote Kisses is irrelevant. Im not hating on Coyote Kisses, they produce a sound that no one else does, but this time it’s just not there. People love it because it’s Coyote Kisses and it doesn’t sound like the other remixes being entered. As someone who listens to music and critiques the construction of songs on daily basis, their remix sounds generic with over used simple effects. I’m not speaking for the rest of people that have listened to it. Simply my take, Coyote Kisses has done much better.

  • John

    The Coyote Kisses remix was absolute probably one of the more boring remixes of the track. It completely ruined it for me.

  • John


  • dick

    yeah thats probably why it went number 1 on hypem and got 85 soundcloud plays in a week. Nice sentence btw

  • MusicFan

    You wanna talk about mediocre? Click the play button above. If you wanna talk about uninspiring, cookie cutter, generic, shallow, meaningless, effortless garbage, click the same button. Live instruments and dance music don’t go together? What kind of blanket statement is that? I dare say there’s a lengthy list of producers who would disagree with your “opinion, bro” Paralleled to the original.. HAH

  • Mach

    It’s pathetic how personal everyone is taking my opinion. I bet if Coyote Kisses read my post they could care less what my opinion was. I don’t write to please everyone, some may agree, some may not. I count on people not to agree, in this case I counted on no one agreeing. Binary Suns Remix is a perfect example where they mastered the blend of Electric Guitar on an Electronic track. For me this remix is not. The “blanket statement” you speak of doesn’t exist anywhere here. IT’S JUST AN OPINION, no need to get your panties all up in a bunch about it.

  • Affinity

    I did use a real acoustic guitar halfway through the song haha 😛

  • Mach

    Affinity ftw haha

  • MusicFan

    there is no electric guitar in binary suns. theres a synth lead. you’re right; people shouldnt take your opinion seriously

  • Mach

    Oh no sorry for not being completely technical. The synth lead that comes in at 1:21 is designed after an actual electric guitar. Its the same thing as in their new remix, they use a guitar as a midi controller. Got anything else? Or are you done being wrong?