Seven Lions – Seven Lions EP

Posted by on October 16, 2012

People have been saying Seven Lions is very lucky to have been signed under OWSLA, I disagree, it is OWSLA that is lucky to have Seven Lions. This EP may be one of the most amazing things to release through the label. I want to cry listening to these 4 tracks, they are that incredible. Seven Lions, the man behind our bass filled emotions.

The first track, “Days to Come,” is absolutely beautiful. Despite the fact that he runs with the same producing strategy for his melodic work, his style is still one of a kind and no matter how many times he uses it on a track he will still dominate with tracks like “Days to Come.” “The Truth” is actually Electro-House which came to be quite a surprise seeing as Seven Lions is known for his Dubstep/Trance. It is awesome to see him go out of his comfort zone to come out with a cool track like this. Third, “Fractals,” which might be my favorite track on this EP. Again he went out of his comfort zone of Dubstep and delivered an Electro-House track, but this time he went hard, like, oh my god the heavy bass on this track made me poop my pants. In other words, he went H.A.M. His last track he actually gave away for free a few days ago, what a class act. Anyways, “She Was” is a Glitch-Hop/Break Beat track that I could easily compare to the level of Haywyre’s great Glitch-Hop productions. This is why this EP is one of the greatest things to release on OWSLA, because everyone expected to get an EP full of Seven Lions’ usual, clearly not the case. All in all, this EP is a must have, and I would go as far to say this is my EP of the year 2012. Simply the best.


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