Pretty Lights – So Bright

Posted by on October 2, 2012

This may be the first time ever that Pretty Lights is making us buy a new single of his. This is a huge step in the artist’s career seeing as he has prided himself on the ability to release all of his music for free despite their availability on iTunes and Beatport. “So Bright” actually has little bit of Dark Soul style to it, mainly having to do with Pretty Lights’ way of infusing Dubstep with Soul and Hip-Hop. Not including his usual vocal sampling, the unnamed guy that comes in to drop a few verses is a nice touch. Pretty Lights is still a pioneer in EDM, it has been some time since he has released a big project. I wonder if this is the beginning to one?

UPDATE!!!!!: So Pretty Lights has stated this was not supposed to release yet so he has released it for free on his site. He has stuck with his original idea of everything free, true class.



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  • Pretty Lights

    He is not selling this, he is giving out this song for Free off his website. DO NOT BUY THIS SONG

  • Mach

    thanks for the update, post is updated with the free download link

  • natas

    the mc on this track is eligh of living legends and grouch and eligh fame. lol how can you not know eligh? weak. i forgot how badly hiphop is represented on this site.

  • Mach

    can’t know everyone, thanks for the info though