Is this the future of EDM events?

Posted by on September 26, 2012

“Fantazia 360” by NV Concepts (explained in the video above) ventures outside the norm by incorporating a theatrical experience into its show. The goal behind their movement is obvious; to supplement the monotonous stage productions seen elsewhere and start a new breed of EDM events. Will Fantazia 360 set a new precedent? Will Tiesto, Avicii, Dada Life, etc start to feature the likes of acrobats and fire breathers? I think NV Concepts is moving in the right direction by trying to add more performance value to shows so I’d like to see this progression come to fruition. However, I’m weary that the unauthentic party goers of our time will continue to settle for less.

If you’re as curious as I am about Fantazia 360, purchase tickets for their shows in NY, PA, MA – HERE.

Springfield, MA: 10.18.12
Philadelphia, PA: 11.03.12
Syracuse, NY: 11.8.12
Niagra Falls, NY: 11.09.12
Albany, NY: 11.10.12

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  • Anne Noise

    I dunno, I’m always so self-absorbed at electronic music shows, especially large outdoor festivals. I’m happy to groove in my own head space. I’m sure it’ll look cool, but I’d rather go to an actual stage show if I want to see… a stage show. Festivals are about rubbing elbows with strangers and wandering around and being blasted by music, not being absorbed in performance art.

  • sos

    i thought it looked good until I saw line of men in guy fawkes masks, at which point my face seized up. The trailer was downhill from there. what the hell.