Popeska – Karmameter EP

Posted by on September 18, 2012

You’ve really got to hand it to nineteen year-old Popeska. While there are plenty of remarkable DJ success stories out there, many of them can be traced back to one catalytic event, like winning a Beatport contest, winning multiple Beatport contests, or simply forging a direct line to Skrillex. Not so with the young Atlanta native, who gradually pulled himself up through the ranks of Soundcloud and amassed a legion of loyal followers by consistently churning out impressive original tracks with a fresh and distinctive flavor. Eventually he made it onto Wolfgang Gartner’s radar; suddenly we were seeing tweets and status updates about hanging out with Modestep in LA and traveling to Barcelona for inspiration. Now, maybe a year after this entire process was first set into motion, the kid has officially made it: a four track EP on Wolfgang Gartner’s imprint picked up exclusively by Beatport. Karmameter is in keeping with Popeska’s glitchy aesthetic; there’s a complex, almost orchestral opulence to these tracks, which all fall somewhere in the gray area between dubstep, electro house and nu-disco and are undergirded by formidable bass. And as we’ve seen in his past efforts, he makes judicious use of catchy vocals (on “Liar” and the moombah-tinged “Atlantis”) to supplement his instrumentals. If you’ve been following Popeska since the early days, you should absolutely continue to support him by purchasing his EP on Beatport. It’s clear that this is only the beginning for the young producer.

Beatport: Popeska – Karmameter EP

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