R Rated #45

Posted by on September 5, 2012

Another week, means another Wednesday, which means another R-Rated. We are on edition #45 and we aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

To kick things off we have an EP preview of an upcoming artist and FNT favorite, KillaGraham. It was about time a record label cleaned out their ears and signed this amazing artist after all his hardwork so far. Looks like Never Say Die just strengthened their artist base even more with this awesome edition. So much originality is pouring out from this artist it makes listening to his music refreshing and you can hear it all in this EP, because none of it sounds like anything you would hear from any other artist.

Tom Budin is another artist I have been keeping an eye on for quite sometime now, and this remix is ridiculous once again. After his terrorizing remix of Pendulum’s Tarantula I didn’t see him beating that remix personally, but I was wrong once again. He tends to stray away from the Reggae vibes a little on this remix and dives straight in for that nasty, grimy sound. So the first 100 people get a free download which means you need to get there before it is too late and be ready to vote for this amazing artist when the Beatport Remix competition voting opens up on Sept.19th.

Just featured on R-Rated two weeks ago, Truth is back on the R-Rated hit list once again. This duo has been bringing some funky vibes lately and it has been catching my attention every time I surf around Soundcloud.  This track is also part of their first installment of free releases for their “Love Shadow’s” Album which has been split into EP’s and is all being released for FREE! This track has some awesome Deep style vibes with some hollow sounding synths giving off that underground dubstep sound that we used to hear so much of a few years ago. To listen to the rest of the first free EP click HERE.

This collaboration from RealTalK and Symbiotic is another heavy addition to this weeks R-Rated. Both of these bass bumping artists teamed up to create this fast paced drumstep track to lay their fans out during their shows. Bringing the heavy bass; this tracks gets grimy and fast so prepare yourselves mentally before you press play.

Why Ellie Goulding’s voice complements dubstep so well I have no idea, but given that this official remix from Draper is one of a kind. Given that Sound Remedy’s remix is hard to compete with because its melodic and a banger at the same time, this one is a close second. I know this track technically shouldn’t be in R-Rated because it is more liquid that heavy, but I just couldn’t help myself. This track is a way to settle you guys down after pumping you guys with adrenaline through all the heavy hitters before it, so just press play and enjoy the sounds.

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