Moombah Mondays

Posted by on July 24, 2012

Nothing too crazy this week as far as Moombahton goes, so we will keep this edition of Moombah Mondays nice and short. UKF and xKore decided they were going to give away a track off of his upcoming EP on Inspected and out of all the tracks it was his Moombahcore one entitled Everybody Rock. I know xKore has been producing some Moombahton tunes in the past few months, but I wasn’t expecting this to be on his EP. Some nice vocals on the track along with some nice trancey synths that build and lead straight into a pretty heavy Moombahton/xKore-synth infused drop. You can download the track through the UKF youtube page.


I was caught off guard again, but this time with this remix by Nadastrom. I didn’t see this Zeds Dead track every being remixed into a Trap-Bass styled remix and especially not by Nadastrom. Either way I don’t think it turned out too bad, but definitely unique and original. Waiting for a release date on this one.

I knew I could count on Dface to come through with a Moombahton track for this weeks Moombah Mondays, and he did. It seems as though the surge of Moombahton tracks has finally died out and everyone is slowly moving their way towards Moombahcore and Trap, which is sad to see. The first few months when Moombah Mondays began I had so many amazing tracks to choose from and was always left in an abundance, but now it seems as though nobody wants to make any more Moombahton. Dface did his thing on this track and I’m feeling it. I love that he sticks to his own and doesn’t give into whatever is popular at the time. That increased my level of respect for him as an artist.


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