Usher – Scream (Pierce Fulton Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on July 23, 2012

When I first saw that Pierce Fulton had done this remix, I was a bit surprised and really had no idea what to expect. Listening to his past releases, I knew he could make some catchy, progressive stuff and with his talent, a great remix of a pop song was very easily within reach. However this is not a man who is just going to mail this one in, as you saw in his latest video where he locks away a song forever because “It isn’t perfect enough”. I was incredibly impressed from the opening of the remix with his ability to manipulate Usher’s powerful vocals and create a melody that fits the track and does not overpower the rest of the track. The remix starts with the emotion of Usher’s vocals and a soft, slow piano progression that slowly increases in speed and volume with the chorus into a drop with an uplifting synth melody, a pitched arp for layering and complexity, a steady bass line and vocal bits to round it all out. Release date is not known yet, but expect this package to be out soon. Also be sure to check out the upbeat progressive take from Project 46 and the remix from R3hab with liberal use of saws.

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