Timeflies – Under The Influence [Mixtape]

Posted by on July 17, 2012

It’s been an exciting ride for the two Tufts graduates, garnering one of the strongest independent followings for their tax bracket in less than two short years.  I know my praises may sound repetitive but I can’t help but be passionate about their product.  That’s what bloggers do right?  From seeing them as one of several openers at a Boston show with a generous 200 people, to seeing them obliterate live shows packed with thousands of #ScotchedUp groupies is incredibe.

Simply put, what Timeflies is doing with music is not fair.  Call it the Wonka Bar(s) of music (get it), not the sugar coated pop rocks that will give you an ear ache after one pack (Don’t get me wrong, there are some very talented artists on the radio these days, many of whom are sampled on this mixtape, but I’m speaking on the majority).  They have attacked some of the radio’s biggest hits on this project and not only injected them with a new life, but made them their own.  While we received a preview last week when they released “We Found Love”, an electronic/hip-hop ode to Rihanna’s smash hit, I realized how amazing this project was going to be.  

Smoother than a fine bottle of aged top shelf scotch, this mixtape may be the cause of your hangover, but it will also provide the formula for the cure.  Sampling a diverse mix of top 40 hits of various genres to indie singers this is an honest look into the lives of Cal and Rez and the music that influences them.  Under The Influence is a culmination of several months of hard work, as Timeflies continues to set the bar high, they serve up a glass for every palette.   This project will act as a prelude to an all original project this fall, which will be followed by yet another 35+ city nationwide tour!  Live #UnderTheInfluence and never miss a beat.  Track list and “Sleep Forever” music video teaser after the break.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Timeflies – Under The Influence [Free Mixtape]

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P.S. Is this the best Tuesday of you’re life?

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1- Glad You Came

2- The Beginning  (Sampling indie singer Tara Vaughan)

3- We Found Love

4- Someone Like You

5- Stand By Me

6- Sleep Forever (Sampling Portugal. The Man)



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