Gregori Klosman – Minibar

Posted by on June 13, 2012

The rising Frenchman, Gregori Klosman has been known to give us a variety of different sounds from dirty dutchesque tracks like “Jaws” to hard hitting electro tracks like “Bounce” to more big room progressive tracks like “Kameha”. Minibar skirts along the lines of a more hard hitting electro house track, mixing with elements of the other two. The track starts with a chord progression that has a similar sound to Bingo Players – Rattle, fitting as “Minibar” has been signed to Hysteria Records, though the differences are clear, and a steady bass line that crescendos into a hard hitting drop of a thumping bass line and that previously mentioned chord progression on full blast. The drop is brought in by the line “F*ck there is no Minibar”, which is everyone’s feeling when they reach a hotel and come to that realization. A more big room progressive interlude accompanies us to the second drop for this very solid effort from the energetic Frenchman.

Gregori Klosman – Minibar – Beatport Link

Also included is a quality complextro track from Psycaudio with great stops and pitched synth melodies that keeps you drawn in the whole way through.

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