Electro-House | MAKJ & Henry Fong – Encore

Posted by on December 2, 2013

MAKJ & Henry Fong - EncoreMAKJ & Henry Fong both had very successful releases on Hysteria Records this summer, “Springen” and “Jump” respectively, so it makes sense for both of them to return to the label that has been so instrumental to the growth of their careers. 2013 has been outstanding for the two of them and it is fitting that they team up on a track. Blaring horns carry over a churning bass line and gritty electro beats, with a vocal that won’t let you keep your hands at your sides. Henry Fong has his remix of “Without You” coming on the 10th and MAKJ has his remix for Nervo’s “Not Taking This No More” coming on Friday, so December is only getting started for them.

Beatport: MAKJ & Henry Fong – Encore

Electro-House | Jordy Dazz – Torpedo

Posted by on October 28, 2013

Jordy Dazz - Torpedo

Hysteria Records has been the label outlet for the Bingo Players and their madness inducing tracks, ranging from MAKJ’s “Springen”, to Henry Fong, Mike Hawkins & Pablo Oliveros “Jump”. The label has been a champion of the powerful, big room style at we have seen this year. Revealed Records favorite and Hysteria Records veteran, Jordy Dazz gives us a powerful electro track, that sounds like a race car accelerating and decelerating. Coming up, Jordy Dazz has productions with Bassjackers, Cash Cash and more, as his onslaught of heavy electro continues into the winter and 2014.

Progressive House | Bingo Players – Out Of My Mind

Posted by on November 12, 2012

The Bingo Players consistently come out with some of the most unique tracks in dance music. Their tracks like “Rattle”, “L’amour” and “Mode” all will bring a crowd to a frenzy no matter the situation and you will be able to put “Out Of My Mind” into that mix as well. With a fitting female top line and signature pitched Bingo Players synth lead, this track gives all you need to know it is one of theirs and is just another in a long line of a quality over quantity discography.

Beatport: Bingo Players – Out Of My Mind


Electro-House | Bingo Players ft. Heather Bright – Don’t Blame The Party (Mode) (Firebeatz Remix)

Posted by on June 26, 2012

Bingo Players are nothing new as far as House music and catchy melodies are concerned. After watching the UMF stream live in March, I can’t remember a House set that didn’t contain one of their catchy tracks. These guys always find a way to get their melodies trapped in your head for weeks and just as I was over this track; here comes Firebeatz smashing Electro remix. Taking the heart of the track,the melody, and keeping it intact while adding some gritty Electro synths to create an almost “Zedd Style” remix. I can already tell you this one is going back into the rotation for a few more weeks now. Grab this track on Beatport HERE.

Electro-House | Gregori Klosman – Minibar

Posted by on June 13, 2012

The rising Frenchman, Gregori Klosman has been known to give us a variety of different sounds from dirty dutchesque tracks like “Jaws” to hard hitting electro tracks like “Bounce” to more big room progressive tracks like “Kameha”. Minibar skirts along the lines of a more hard hitting electro house track, mixing with elements of the other two. The track starts with a chord progression that has a similar sound to Bingo Players – Rattle, fitting as “Minibar” has been signed to Hysteria Records, though the differences are clear, and a steady bass line that crescendos into a hard hitting drop of a thumping bass line and that previously mentioned chord progression on full blast. The drop is brought in by the line “F*ck there is no Minibar”, which is everyone’s feeling when they reach a hotel and come to that realization. A more big room progressive interlude accompanies us to the second drop for this very solid effort from the energetic Frenchman.

Gregori Klosman – Minibar – Beatport Link

Also included is a quality complextro track from Psycaudio with great stops and pitched synth melodies that keeps you drawn in the whole way through.