Sato Goldschlag – Mr Mister feat Wynter Gordon (Laidback Luke remix)

Posted by on May 30, 2012

Nothing cheers you up after a day of a delayed 9 hour international flight with too much turbulence and crying kids like seeing this absolute monster in my inbox for download and the follow-up email saying it can be given away as a free download. Sato Goldschlag had been warning me about something big at Ultra and they were not kidding with this massive remix from Laidback Luke premiered at the festival. Laidback Luke keeps some of the original synth melody put down by Sato Goldschlag, while utilizing Wynter Gordon’s angelic vocals as well as anyone can. He then adds grimy, grungy low end synth chords and a prominent string melody with a varying bass line that completely changes the character of the track from a poppy house track to knock you out of your chair electro house banger.

DOWNLOAD: Sato Goldschlag – Mr Mister feat Wynter Gordon (Laidback Luke Remix)

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