I Love This City (Day 1 Recap, San Francisco)

Posted by on May 26, 2012

I Love This City may be one of my most favorite events I have been to, with the one negative being that having a huge festival in an amphitheater with seats may not be the best idea. Even with that said I had a great time on day 1. The day over, sore feet, and a camera packed with awesome photos, I would say the day was very successful. We managed to catch the following artists in order, Fareoh, Nervo, Araabmuzik, Cookie Monsta, Tenderloin (Chuckies replacement due to missed flight), Steve Aoki, Sebastian ingrosso, and Afrojack.

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Being able to tell him myself when we had met for a few minutes after his set, I was glad to see Fareoh open up on the main stage. Quite and very tall, I mean like 6’6″ at least, Fareoh put on an incredible show. The energy he and his music portray is immense. With energy also comes the beauty Fareoh incorporates into his music. Watching him and experiencing his music was a joyful roll coaster. At parts it was smooth and melodic, then a track or two later breaking into powerful electro drops to dance to. Definitely one of my favorites of the day.
Nervo came on directly after Fareoh, kicking off their set with a new unreleased track of theirs called ‘Reason.’ A great track I must say, they said it would release in 3 months which I honestly do not think I can wait that long after getting to hear it. The rest of their set was just as great as the opening track. The two girls of Nervo really felt their performance and undoubtedly enjoyed it just as much as the crowd.
We only managed to catch the tail end of Araabmuzik’s set which consisted of a few insane dubstep drops. Finishing off the set with a dope bootleg of Nero’s ‘Promises’ leaving the crowd cheering for many minutes after they left the stage.
Next show we were supposed to see was Dirtyphonics, but to our surprise Dirtyphonics was a no show. The artist that came up on stage we didn’t know by face, but knew instantly once the notorious Cookie Monsta dropped bass filthier than the sheets of a lonely boarding school boy. His set was nasty to say the least, jumping from his own remix of Funtcase’s ‘So Vexed’ to Killsonik’s unreleased ‘Bloodlust.’
We were extremely disappointed to find out that Chuckie had missed his flight and would not make the festival. Still curious to see if they would replace him, we discovered a duo named Tenderloin who dropped some sick electro house tracks. The crowd expected Chuckie and most definitely still felt his energy with the tracks they played.
Steve Aoki was another one of my favorites of the day. He managed to squeeze in 3 unreleased tracks of his which included a breathtaking, heart stopping, bass filled banger collaboration he did with Knife Party. Steve Aoki is performer at heart, you can tell by how he is on stage that he feels at home. As he does in all his sets, he caked a few people which is always fun to watch if it isn’t you being caked, haha.
Sebastian Ingrosso murdered the amphitheater. What I enjoyed most about his set was that most of what he plays is bootlegs, as if he wants to always surprise you and keep you on your dancing toes. The lasers were brought out for him, and the smoke filled the air as he dropped banger after banger, announcing to the crowd that is was now the time to get ****ed up!
Afrojack finished off the night for us, opening with a short but heavy dutch house dance track, then transitioning into another dutch house of his that is unreleased. I honestly am not a fan of Afrojack, people complain techno is too repetitive yet he is one of their favorites. I guess if you name it dutch people forget how annoying the repetition can be. Despite my usual unamused sense of Afrojack, I can see that he’s better absorbed live. The crowd loves him and he loves the crowd, what more could you ask for in a live setting.

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