R Rated #30

Posted by on May 23, 2012

This week released some insane dubstep tracks for R Rated, even a few non-dubstep tracks that earn their way onto the post. Sev provided this weeks first killer tune for R this week. Why no one has ever made a remix like this of this track baffles me, but who am I to complain when this remix from Divine X now exists.

With the Rage Valley EP officially dropping May 27th, it only seems right to include a nasty remix of Knife Party. Tolgar blew my ****ing mind with this remix, the synth and bass work is insane. Prepare yourselves.

DUBSurce has always pleased my ears with some sick dubstep jams. None of which can compare to this dirty track he just dropped. The drumstep really goes off without flaw, making you want more and more of it.

Another one of Adele’s most over remixed tracks, ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ has the vocals that everyone wants to use. I am still a huge fan of Cazzette’s remix, but Audio Punk knew the sweet spot to hit with me. This remix is awesome, the vocal positioning is great and the bass work is epic.

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These last two are not dubstep, but are definitely dirty enough to make the R rated list, enjoy.

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