Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill- So Sophisticated

Posted by on May 22, 2012

Rawse, you’ve got me worried right now. God Forgives, I Don’t is coming July 31st, and I’m sweating more than you usually sweat in the sauna. I know you’ve always saved your best singles for last, but “Touching You” and “So Sophisticated” aren’t going to get he job done. Ross, I’m as white as it gets, but I love your message, music and spirit. It embodies hard work, and making something out of nothing. I can relate to that.

What I can’t relate to is that you’re not living up to my standards…

Around this time last year, you were dropping “Maybach Music III,” featuring the world, “Aston Martin Music” featuring Drake, while systematically fighting the world’s biggest Vitamin water rapper. Actually, you were crushing him. Since then, he’s been reduced to low-budget movies, headphones, and energy shots.

Those three songs, including “Telfon Don” as a whole were unbelievable. It debuted at number one. You had awkward white folks around the United States wanting to meet Big Meech, and blow money fast. Hell, you even made Gunplay hot for the time being. I admire you Ross, you’ve accomplished so much, I just want you to live up to the hype. I want you to earn that “bawse” title that everyone bestows upon you on a daily basis. Simply put, I want you to be the bawse that I know you can be.

These tracks, however, won’t put you back on top. I know Usher is practically a legend, but the single is weak. I need that “Mafia Music” type music with gritty visuals that you’re so famous for. I need to you take on lame rappers and crush them. Where is the luxurious drug dealing music that I fell in love with? Where are those sexy tracks that made you want to take the baddest chick home from the club in your 2005 Acura TL? I need those track Ross, and I know you can produce a classic.

In the bawse we pray, amen.

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