Drum & Bass Friday

Posted by on May 18, 2012

I get really excited when it is my week to do Drum & Bass Friday, in fact this might be my favorite post to do. I really try to keep variety in this post, offering dance, liquid, and heavier styled Drum & Bass tracks. This first track is an absolute gem that is dance floor ready. Traktion released this track in celebration of hitting 1000 likes on Facebook. I really love the vocals on this track, and the feel good vibes. One of my new favorites for sure.

Next we have a Reggae vibed Drum & Bass tune. Using deeper bass effects, this is an awesome chilled out track using vocals from Bob Marley.

With an almost sad feeling to the track, Paranoid Break teamed up with vocalist RaRCharm really put together a very emotion liquid original. The piano really sets off the infused emotion of this. Despite the sad vibe it gives off, this is a great track.

Before we get to the heavier Drum & Bass I had to squeeze in this last gem. ShockLine is another one of the no body producers I love to stumble upon. What caught my eye about this track was not just that it is a great Drum & Bass tune, but his creativity to blend in a bit of Trance as well. Those of you trying to get on FNT, creativity is a major thing I look for. Do your own thing.



The first heavy track is boarder-line Drum & Bass/Drumstep. An incredible VIP mix of Mufflers ‘Cybertron.’ The VIP starts out with a liquid style, then of course he blows your mind with an intense Drum & Bass/Drumstep drop. Once this baby releases on May 23rd hell may in fact freeze over.

Last is this crazy Spor styled free EP from Forekast. Every track on this EP is godly in its own way, leaving no room for you to breath in-between. My favorite track on the EP is undoubtedly ‘Departure,’ it has a murky feeling to it, as if your heart is darkening with every second you listen. If you like dark and heavy Drum & Bass you should just download the entire EP.

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