Childish Gambino – We Ain’t Them

Posted by on May 17, 2012

After embarking on a twitter rant for the record books, Donald Glover graced us with the link to a new track in between defending himself from internet nobodies. It frustrates me seeing how this guy is treated(and tweeted). People need to accept Childish Gambino for what he is. He’s a comedian, who can make a damn good beat, and kills it every time. His talents are un matched in the music game right now, and also has the ability to produce, act, all the while getting laughs, and hate. This hate has made him who he is, if he didn’t get hated on, he would probably run out of material, being that most of his songs are reflective of his past. Without further adieu, I’ll let you dissect Gambino’s newest track, We Ain’t Them. And haters, try this, stop having a preconcieved notion in your head of what a rapper is SUPPOSED to be, and just try and enjoy the damn music.

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