Sharam – Our Love: The Remixes

Posted by on March 27, 2012

These remixes were not hyped up very much, but I have been waiting impatiently for their release. The first remix in the set is nothing special in my opinion, no offense to Sharam, but remixing your own track isn’t always a good idea. However, the other two remixes on this set are worth the download. The remix Heren did is crunchy Electro-House, and it is a big track. Heren took a Zedd approach, that is just the vibe I get from this track…#shavestep. The last remix is what I was really waiting for. Dirtyloud are two Brazilian dubstep producers known for their unorthodox dirty drops. On this remix they keep the pace of the intro going, you expect a certain way it will drop, but your wrong, surprised, and pleased.

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