Rusko – Songs (Album)

Posted by on March 27, 2012

I was holding onto this post because there were no preview set to post up of the album. Today Rusko’s album was supposed to drop on beatport, but it has yet to happen. Once it is I will add in a player for you all to hear the tracks. Despite how pissed Rusko is at Mad Decent for allowing full previews being uploaded online of his new album, he still went with the original release plans. Slightly disappointed myself, considering Rusko in his rage was threatening to release the album for free.

With every album as big as this one, there are a few tracks no one is impressed with, but then there are a bunch that are very impressive. Rusko had stated back in November that the idea behind this album was to also give people a few tracks they could dance to.  I can definately make out what he was saying. With that said, my favorite track on the album is undoubtably ‘Thunder.’ It is one of the dance tracks Rusko was talking about, something we are not use to from him.

Rusko still stuck with his classy reggae vibe on a good amount of the tracks. ‘Roll Da Beats,’ ‘Mek More Green,’ and ‘Skanker’ are top reggae/dubstep tracks in my opinion, leaving ‘Love No More’ and ‘Be Free’ the reject reggae vibes off this album. People seem to be raving ‘ASAD Car Park,’ but I think there is nothing really exciting about it besides the fact Rusko knows how to make a good bass-line on a drop. I would say the same for ‘M357,’ but then the track got more into its trancy blend which I love. Despite how much the drop makes me think the adults from Charlie Brown, ‘Opium’ is another one of the top tracks on this album. Everyone has already been listening to ‘Somebody To Love’ for the past month so the last track I am mentioning is ‘Dirty Sexy.’ To be honest, the vocals make this track a beast. I have no idea who’s voice these vocals belong to, but I give her a lot of credit for covering Rusko, which she makes seemingly easy. Despite the tracks that I am not wild about on this album, I say this is still a great release from Rusko.


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