XYZ: Bassnectar Album Preview, Dirtyloud Preview, and New Tracks From Schoolboy, Skope, & More!

Posted by on March 23, 2012

Created for the sole purpose of having so much great music released in a day, XYZ is a post you will almost never see. When you do see it, it means that you are going to want to listen to everything on it. Starting out is the preview for Bassnectar’s upcoming album, ‘VAVA VOOM.’ The track list in order is, Vava Voom (ft. Lupe Fiasco), Empathy, Ugly (ft. Amp Live), Ping Pong, What (ft. Jansten), Pennywise Tribute, Do It Like This (ft. ill.Gates), Laughter Crescendo [2012 Version], Butterfly (ft. Mimi Page), Nothing Has Been Broken (ft. Tina Malia), and Chronological Outtakes. From what I can see, this album will be just as epic as all of Bassnectar’s past albums. ‘VAVA VOOM’ drops April 10th.

This next preview is from those crazy Brazilians, Dirtyloud. This remix is some hot psy-trance/dubstep filth. Sharam himself is pushing this remix hard, and there is no doubt to why. The intro of this remix is ridiculous, the drop will catch you off guard. This remix will be on Sharam’s remixes compilation of ‘Our Love,’ releasing March 27th.
Sharam – Our Love (Dirtyloud Remix) by Dirtyloud

Previews are great and all, but what about the free stuff, those insane tracks you can have right now. Well lucky for us Schoolboy is kicking off the free tracks of XYZ with this incredible remix of Jay-Z & Kanye West’s ‘Why I Love You So.’ Schoolboy has been getting a lot of hype recently, Knife Party has even played his remix of ‘Antidote’ in one of their live sets.


Jay-Z & Kanye West – Why I Love You So (Schoolboy Remix) by freshnewtracks

Next freebie takes it down a notch with some lovestep. Antics Records is calling this Skope’s feel good track for the summer. It is always interesting when an artist gives away an original. Most of the time the track will be terrible, but on rare occasions such as this, we have just been given a gem. Show Skope some love on Facebook, this talented guy hasn’t even broken 50 likes yet.
Skope-How I Feel(FREE DOWNLOAD) by Antics Records

This one is a beast collaboration from Jacob Plant & Majestic. Another awesome original we don’t have to pay for? Couldn’t get better than that. The vocals on this track are sick, but then again they would be nothing without the epic beat they cover.


Jacob Plant & Majestic – Under The Radar by freshnewtracks


Liquid Stranger back at it again with his second collaboration release of this week. This time it is with non other than Ajapai, concocting a heavy Drum & Bass masterpiece.  Be on the lookout for these two because they have a lot of big tracks in the making getting ready for releases.

Liquid Stranger vs. Ajapai — Contamination (Beatport Link)

This is a big track from Dabin that was released on his latest EP. This is another well constructed Drum & Bass track as well as the perfect combination of sounds. Dabin is slowly growing. but hopefully this EP starts putting him on the map a litte more for EDM. Show him some support and like his Facebook page HERE.

Dabin – Welcome To The Future (Beatport Link)

Last but not least, we have Addergebroad releasing one of his most highly anticipated tracks, Don’t Panic VIP. This is one badman tune. Addergebroad leaves everything on the table and just unleashes the grimey bass to melt your face off.

Addergebroed – Don’t Panic VIP (Beatport Link)

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