Voli – Gone for Good ft. Justin Baron (Prod by Voli)

Posted by on March 9, 2012

“Is this life? Darlin’ tell me, is this right? Cuz if it is, I’ll be the first one to bring us elsewhere Out this hell here, sometimes you gotta leave to arrive”

Life can be tough, everyone knows that.  Justin Baron lends some light vocals on the hook to Voli’s newest single, “Gone for Good” which will be featured in  the upcoming movie and soundtrack “Illegal Activity”, released in the UK.  Painting a picture with his words, Voli digs deep to convey his emotions on life’s daunting decisions.

“It seems that anything worth fighting for is worth leaving something behind for. Some strive to leave behind the pain and struggles they know in order to live a life worth living. What would you do? Got to collaborate with the talented Justin Baron on this one. Enjoy.”- Voli

Honestly, at this point I pity the fool who is still sleeping on Voli.  He’s scoring straight A’s in all aspects of the game right now.

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