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We’ve featured this talented up-and-comer here before, but it’s time to devote an entire post to him because let’s face it: the kid is good. Popeska is a 19 year-old producer from ATL and has a real knack for putting out tracks that are are both heavy and melodic. What more can you ask for?

“Super Best Friends” features an insanely catchy hook that slams right into a heavy, glitchy drop. Advance warning, if I see your face on the ground at any point during this song I’m just going to kick it to the side.
DOWNLOAD: Popeska – Super Best Friends

“Electricks Theme” is another wobbly banger; don’t be deceived by the chill beginning, as it picks up steam with the addition of some serious percussion and driving synths. Like many of Popeska’s songs, it also features a varied and interesting melody, which further demonstrates that this kid really knows his stuff.
DOWNLOAD: Popeska – Electricks Theme

This next song is a total 180 from the previous two. Quite honestly, it caught me totally caught off guard the first time I listened — the intensity and raw emotion of the vocals (which come in glitchy, a cappella waves that will give you chills) hit me very hard. “I Wish” is probably one of the most unique and powerful songs I’ve heard in a while; the only thing I can think of that’s at all similar is “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap…and that’s obviously serious business.
DOWNLOAD: Popeska – I Wish

I highly, highly recommend that you download “I Wish,” but since it’s not exactly the kind of thing you’ll want to blast in the car on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, you should check out the retooled version Popeska threw together as well. This VIP chops the vocals and adds a synth-heavy, melody-driven background that’s substantially more upbeat than the original but maintains just enough heavy intensity.
DOWNLOAD: Popeska – I Wish (VIP)

And in case you missed it the first time around….be sure to download “We Can Dance,” Popeska’s awesome moombahcore banger.
PREVIOUSLY: Popeska – We Can Dance

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