Mach’s Top 10 of 2011

Posted by on January 7, 2012

Thou’ Shalt Download These Tracks. The Word of the Lord. Amen.

Narrowing my favorite tracks of the year down to 10 was not easy, considering how much music I like. I would have rather done top 100, but that wouldn’t fit so well here. After spending the past week sifting through my library and narrowing my favorites from 130 to 10, I finally have a top 10 list for 2011 that I like. List counts down from 10 to 1, enjoy.


10. Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow : I have been addicted to this track. Blasting it in my car, working out to it, even used it to drown out the sounds of a crying baby…with a smile on my face of course.

9. Sultan & Ned Shepard Ft. Nadia Ali – Call My Name (Spencer & Hill Remix) : Spencer & Hill are a few of my favorite producers of electro and electro-house. I love Nadia Ali’s vocals and how flawless they are on this remix.

8. LYfeSTile – Been A While : This track is a little random for a top 10, but this was my jam of the summer. LYfeSTile verses are catchy as hell and the vibe of the beat says nothing but good times.

7. Her Majesty and The Wolves – Glaciers (Roksonix Remix) : At one point this was my favorite track of the year. Roksonix are one of the best duos in dubstep, this remix reflects that.

6. Martin Solveig – The Night Out : Martin Solveig isn’t even close to being a favorite of mine, but this track is one of the greatest things to touch my eardrums. It is well suited for chill occasions and the dance floor, what more could I ask for. Many of my friends will argue that this should have been in the top 3.

5. MC Xander – Spaceship Earth : Beginning of last March was not a finer moment for FNT with all the technical issues we had. During that time Biglife sent me a video of this dubstep beat-boxer, MC Xander. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen, and a sick track at that. Thanks for getting me addicted to this Big.

4.CAZZETTE vs Adele – Set Fire to the Rain (A Stupid Hole Bootleg) : CAZZETTE is on absolute fire right now, dropping one track after another since they finished touring. First time I heard this, I was overwhelmed with emotion for how incredible every second is. A masterpiece.

3. Ali Love – Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix) : Skrillex is good, but overrated. Alvin Risk is one of the dirtiest producers. This remix is insane, the laser synths sound awesome with Ali Love’s voice. 2012 is going to be Alvin Risk’s year.

2. Cheryl Cole – The Flood (Wideboys Club Mix) : Cheryl Cole has one the best voices, too bad I think most of her original songs suck. The Wideboys saved this song, now I think it’s one the greatest things since sliced bread. Embarrassingly enough, I do in fact have this entire song memorized.

1. Gemini – Blue : Gemini is the most underrated producer in electronic music. Blue never hit the number 1 spot on beatport like predicted, because no one knew who he was. Which means Gemini never gave us his epic remix of Swedish House Mafia’s Miami 2 Ibiza when Blue hit 1. This track sparked an epiphany for me and completely changed the way I view dubstep. Now when people ask me who a great dubstep artist is, I say Gemini before Skrillex, Bassnectar, Nero, and all the other top names.

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