Dada Life – Happy Violence (Special Features Remix)

Posted by on December 28, 2011

A 21st birthday and a debut release on the illustrious dance music mecca website that is Beatport? I would say that today was not a shabby day for young phenom Special Features. Not only is he now legally allowed to imbibe spirits of any flavor here in the States (preferably during a sold out show for a packed house in any of the number of wonderful clubs we have here in the US), but he is also able to brag to the ladies about how he is now an official professional musician (or does saying DJ get you more love?) Either way, Eden is killing it and this Dada Life remix is just one more example of how far he’s come. Well done man and happy birthday. Can’t wait for 2012. One more thing, get on Facebook and like his ass pronto!
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Dada Life – Happy Violence (Special Features Remix)
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